About the Book

This collection of stories focuses on Australians who enlisted when their country called. Slouch Hat Soldiers – Generations at War is not a history book. Indeed, it is mainly based on stories about the author’s nineteen relatives who enlisted, but it pertains to all Australians. Robert Jarrad recreates the harsh realities of war with compassion, as he speaks for those who cannot.

Slouch Hat Soldiers – Generations at War, contains a series of poetic snapshots, distilled from the powerful stories and images that some people experienced during World Wars One and Two, and the Vietnam War. Along with the bloodshed and horror are mateship, humour, patriotism and love of the homeland. There are many acts in the theatre of war, which only those who serve in the forces witness, however, through storytelling, they are remembered – and here they have been turned into poignant poetry. The author hopes this book may help a new generation of Australians to understand what it was like to go to war.

Slouch Hat Soldiers – Generations at War is illustrated by internationally acclaimed military artist Barry Spicer. Barry was honoured with the title of official artist to ‘Australian Army Aviation’ in 2008 and has recently been named as the Regimental Artist for the Army’s 1st Armoured Regiment.

This book will resonate with all Australians. Slouch Hat Soldiers – Generations at War is a testimony to the mateship, courage, humour, ingenuity, endurance and individualism of Australians at war – and in general.

Part proceeds from book sales will be donated to Legacy.