My gratitude and compliments to you for your contribution to literature. I wish you every success in this the Centenary of ANZAC and WWI and I commend you on your support to a worthy organisation. Your donation will continue the good work of Legacy.

The Governor General, His Excellency General, the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd)

I compliment you on this wonderful collection of poems that personify the feelings of soldiers who have served our country in war. With the Centenary of the First World War, it is poignant to take a moment to reflect on the sacrifices made by all Australian servicemen and women, in the tradition of the ANZACs, in all conflicts. I congratulate you on this work and fully support your selfless endeavour to support Legacy, which is such a worthy cause.

The Honourable Dr Brendan Nelson, Director of the Australian War Memorial, 12 June 2014

I have been enthralled with the content of Slouch Hat Soldiers’ poems, letter and photos. The book covers Australians at War from World War I to and including the Vietnam War. My family was actively involved in the two World Wars and I served in Vietnam. The poignancy of the poems and photos represented the true conduct of war in all its facets. This anthology is an excellent collection of historical relevance.

Of course I dwelled on the section of the Vietnam War and could easily identify with the essence of the poems. Thank you for your contribution to the feelings of Australians’ at war.

What struck me was the subheading of your bookmark, ‘Brothers in Arms’ as this epitomised the message of your book. Legacy follows this ethos by looking after the families of our ‘brothers’ who were killed, died of wounds or have suffered significant poor health.

On behalf of Legacy, thank you for not only writing and producing this anthology but that you donate part proceeds to Legacy. We appreciate this and this allows us to do what we do to fulfil the legacy of the fallen, our ‘brothers in arms’.

Keith Bleechmore – President, Legacy Club of Adelaide Inc.

Slouch Hat Soldiers- Generations at War is an immensely well-written, well-researched, informative and interesting collection of powerful poetry that retells the personal experiences, realities and sacrifices of Australians at war. It is a must read for all generations and a must have for both personal and public collections.

Jessica Davis, Library Officer

Bob Jarrad’s poetry shines with beads of truth, gathered from personal stories told by an extraordinary number of family members in the forces. These poems are windows into the experiences of all Australians at war; wars fought by our fathers, brothers, uncles and sons.

A poet’s work is to record the essence of moments and to name the unnameable. And that is what Bob has done in this powerful collection. Here you will witness wartime scenes of brutality and of kindness, conveyed movingly by rich, well-chosen language. Every Australian should read Slouch Hat Soldiers – Generations at War.

Lest we forget.

Jude Aquilina

What an achievement! You have added your family’s collective experiences to our nation’s important recorded histories. Your writing is reflective of a man with great passion, talent and understanding.

Generations to come will be able to reflect on the faces of war at the sharp end – how it changed these young combatants and how it altered our cultural and political landscape forever.

However, more importantly, these stories are a sombre and sometimes laconic personal reminder of a time we should do lest to forget.

Your achievement cannot be underestimated. Congratulations.

Greg Swanborough, Post Production Executive, Seven Network.

From my extensive experience with helping veterans and my work with PTSD, not to mention my own military experience, I feel Bob Jarrad has been able to capture how many veterans feel today and have felt over the years. On reading poems such as ‘My Mate’, I think it is remarkable that Bob decided to write such important and much needed poetry. In my opinion it is poems like these that help veterans to heal in various ways.

Dr Glen Edwards

Slouch Hat Soldiers is about the everyday experiences of war – not least, it’s about families and mateship and all sorts of sacrifice. In telling the stories of members of his family who went to war, Bob Jarrad’s evocative, sensitive and surprising poems offer a moving tribute without glorifying war, violence or death.

Patrick Allington

Bob Jarrad’s Slouch Hat Soldiers; Generations at War, gives us much
to think and feel about war, and those who served in the forces. His
poems not only focus on Australian servicemen who served in World War
l, World War ll and the Vietnam War, but they also testify to the
contribution to the war effort made by women.

His poetry reveals his skill, sincerity, empathy, insight and respect as he reflects upon the
times before, during and after war.

Full review at

Haydn Radford, Weekend Notes freelance writer

Sitting on Top of the World takes you on a journey of human emotions and reflections, laced with Aussie humour amongst narrative poems of life and imaginings.

“A collection of narrative poetry enriched with a humorous Aussie influence: laid back, occasionally serious and thoughtful, with a common thread of family.”

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Haydn Radford, Weekend Notes freelance writer

The poems contained within ‘Slouch Hat Soldiers’ tell of our very humanness, the use of words and phrasing is clever, but more than that, Bob Jarrad captures the soul of each story. Bob’s poems not only have the power to heal, they have the power to uplift and are told with such clarity that the reader is transported into the hearts and minds of our military personnel during the major conflicts of war in the 20th century.

Adelaide Manley-Dunn

Slouch Hat Soldiers–Generations at War, is a little book with a powerful punch.
Bob Jarrad’s poems cut right to the heart of the pain and suffering of war and are a moving memoriam.

The Senior Newspaper

Part proceeds from book sales will be donated to Legacy.